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25 Unbelievable Things Found On Earth We Can’t Explain

In the modern age, we’d love to believe we have everything figured out. With science increasing our knowledge every day, it’s an easy thing to buy into. But, what if we told you the earth is full of mysteries we just can’t explain? From ancient technology that shouldn’t exist to imperial tombs we can’t enter, [...]

Former worker of Area 51 Talks about the Aliens, Stargate and the Cube of Orion

Dan Burisch, Ph.D. in microbiology and former worker of the secret military forces of the United States, details great puzzling information about extraterrestrials, time machines, secret government plans and human extinction. Dan Burisch, born in California in 1964, studied microbiology and psychology at the University of Las Vegas, Nevada. He graduated in 1986 and did [...]

20 Effective Life Hacks for All Occasions

Household tricks are invented to make our lives easier. They are proven by the experience of many people and are guaranteed to work, saving us time and effort. Today we share with you 20 tricks that you can put to good use in your home. 20. Chalk to absorb odors Hang a small bag of chalk in your closet, and your clothes will never have [...]

13 Awesome Life Hacks That Are Practically Genius

Little tricks make our everyday lives more comfortable. We sorted out several life hacks for all occasions, starting from “how to clean your keyboard“ up to ”how to feel comfortable wearing high heels.” At the end of this article, there is a surprising tip for you that will make your next trip to the zoo [...]